Thursday 1 November 2012

A Voice Message from Texas!

Today Mrs. Morgan left us a voice messages with a whole bunch of questions for us to answer about our Halloween day.  Here is her message.

Don't worry Mrs. Morgan, we will answer your questions shortly.  We really love receiving voice messages from people. Thank you!

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  1. Mrs. Morgan thank you for the voice message. We will answer some of your questions. Steven wants to tell you that the spiders were not real, they were just pretend. Catherine wants to tell you that we made those pumpkins with red and yellow paint. We didn't have any orange paint we had to mix to get the orange. Ayyappan wants you to know that in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October and most of use enjoyed a big meal with our families. Mrs. Morgan our class is always a lot of fun even when it's not Halloween. Today Lucas brought his bunny to school. From Division 18


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