Monday 5 November 2012

More Global Read Aloud Projects

Even though we finished Charlotte's Web last week we are still finishing up projects that we started regarding the global read aloud.  Back at the beginning of October we received two voice messages on our blog, one from Mrs. Fisher' Class  in Manitoba, and one from Mrs. Tomessetti's Class in Ohio.  You can find their voice messages here.

For the past week or so we have been working on a collaborative project with Mrs. Fisher's class which should be ready to share with the world in the next few days.  Unfortunately in the mean time you'll have to wait. :-)

This past Friday we were lucky enough to Skype with Mrs. Tomessetti's class. We shared our favourite parts of Charlotte's Web and we learned a little bit about their part of the world. They learned a little bit about us too.  It was a great Skype session and as usual we learned a lot.

If you've been following our blog closely you'll see that we have had a lot of connections because of this  Global Read Aloud.  We have connected with Mrs. Sarchet, Mrs. Leech, and Mrs. Wideen's classes once a week to read a chapter of the story together over a Google Hang Out.  We  connected with Mrs. Madonna's grade one class in NYC where we made and sent flat Wilburs to them and then met them over a skype call.  We also worried about them all last week as their school was affected by the storm that came with hurricane Sandy. Thankfully we have heard that they are safe and there school was set to reopen this morning with some water damage that still needs to be cleaned up.  In addition we skyped with Mrs. Tomessetti's class as mentioned above, and we are working on a secret project with Mrs. Fisher's class.  It's been an exciting time to be learning in our grade one class.

Did you participate in the Global Read Aloud? If so what did you for it?

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