Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sharing Ms. L's iPod

In Division 16 we are really lucky because we have a class iPad and the use of Ms. Lirenman's personal iPod. We don't want to lose either of these special tools so we are really good at sharing them with one another.  Here is a picture of six of us reading/listening to a great story on Ms. Lirenman's iPod. See how well we work together!

Do you work that well together in your classroom?


  1. Wow! We like your blog. We like Ipods and Ipads too. Today, we were working together in math. We did measuring with the pan balance in our groups. We did a great job sharing, taking turns,and problem solving. We also worked in groups on tiling together. We enjoy our math workshop time and learning together.
    Mrs. Ruckes Fantastic First Graders :)

  2. Hi Mrs. Rucker's Fantastic First Graders, we are learning about measurement too with Ms. Will a learning teaching from university. She has us measuring cars that go down a ramp. We are also measuring with really big feet and really small feet. Thank you for leaving us a comment.

  3. You are very lucky to have this wonderful technology in your classroom! It looks like you are doing a great job of sharing. In my class students have used my iPod touch to record themselves reading and playing the recorder, make videos of their science noise makers, and take many pictures of their learning. Next week they will be taking turns using it to practice their multiplication facts. What fun!

    1. Thanks Ms. Birdsall and Division 9, we are very lucky. It sounds like your class is really lucky too because you are letting them use your iPod too! Wouldn't it be nice if the school could buy us some iPods or iPads to use in our classrooms all the time?

      Ms. Lirenman and Division 16

  4. Hi Ms Lierman your class is the best because you learn new things.

    Jayda Div 9

  5. Jayda, it is so nice to see a comment from you on our class blog. It's too bad I didn't have a class blog when you were in my class. You are growing up so nicely and I love that you're in Ms. B's class. She is a fantastic teacher. What is your favourite thing about your blog? Please come and check out our blog again. We love having visitors. Ms. L and Division 16