Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Measurement Stations with Ms. Will

Ms Will has been teaching us our math since we came back to school after our holiday break.  We have been learning how to measure. Today we started our independent measurement stations.

Ramp Station

In this station we are given a variety of cars to send down a ramp.  Once the car is off the ramp we have to measure how far it has traveled.  We can choose which unit of measurement to use but when we record our data it is super important that we write down which unit we used.

Our second station is Foot Print Measuring.  Ms. Will has made us some baby footprints and some giant foot prints.  We are using our footprints to measure objects around the classroom and in the hallway. The baby foot prints are super cute, and the giant foot prints are huge.  We love working with the foot prints.

For our final station we have to cut a piece of yarn that is the same size that we are. We then get to choose different units to measure how big we are.

For each of the three stations we have a specific data recording sheet to keep track of what we are learning.  Although we've only been at one station so far, we've had a ton of fun and are looking forward to exploring other stations.  We are very happy to have Ms. Will teaching us.  She's a really good teacher even though she's still just learning.

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