Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mental Math Strategies

In math right now we have been working on mental math addition strategies.  We started last week by learning that when you see a number +1 that it's really just saying one more than the number.  We played a game to reinforce that mental math fact.  Then we looked at what +2 means and how it's really just two more than a given number. Then we had fun with +0 facts.  At first some of us didn't realize that when you see a number +0 that it's really just the original number.  We giggled as we answered addition questions that were all +0 questions.

So far this week we've been looking at adding doubles.  Here are some pictures of us playing a game to help us learn our doubles facts.

Now we're curious what other secret mental math strategies Ms. Lirenman is going to teach us! Math is so much fun.


  1. We like your pictures. We have those squares in our classroom,too. Do you have computers in your classroom?

    1. We have two computers in our classroom, one iPad, and Ms. Lirenman lets us use her iPod too. Sometimes Ms. Lirenman brings in laptops to our classroom. Plus at least once a week we go to our school lab where everyone gets their own computer. Sometimes we go there more than once a week.

  2. You have wonderful photos

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