Thursday 19 January 2012

Non Fiction Text

This term we are spending a lot of time reading from and learning about non-fiction text.  We know that they are different than the fiction texts we read last term because fiction texts tell a story while non fiction texts tell us true facts.  This week we have been learning about one of the text features of non fiction text - labelled graphics or pictures.  While Ms. Lirenman wanted us to notice the labelling of non fiction graphics we discovered that our non fiction books didn't have any labels on their graphics.  So we decided to add our own.

Now aren't you wondering where and what the rest of the class is doing while we're busy reading and adding labels to our non fiction text?  Some of our classmates are with our learner support team receiving smaller group instruction on reading.  But there are still several more children in the classroom with us.  Can you guess what they are doing? They are reading of course! It's their free reading time.  Take a look at the pictures below and you will see three children reading and sharing jokes with one another, a couple of students reading side by side but on their own, a couple of students reading with the iPad, and a student reading on her own on the iPod.  What a wonderful time we all had reading.

What are some of the ways that you practice your reading in your classroom?


  1. We like your hamster.We are going to put pets on our blogs, too. How did you learn how to read?

    1. We learned to read by practicing a lot. We read everyday at school and every night at home. We love to read. We will visit your pets too. Thank you for visiting our blog.

  2. I love that you are already learning about text features in Grade One! In Grade Four we spend a lot of time learning about how text features can help us understand non-fiction text. We learn about labelled graphics and lots of other text features too. I hope that you enjoy learning lots of interesting facts from non-fiction text. Keep up the wonderful reading, Division 16!


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