Monday, 9 January 2012

Free Writing

Most days after recess Ms. Lirenman gives us time to write.  Before we start writing we usually have a whole class mini lesson that helps teach us a way to make our writing better.  After our mini lesson we take some time to think about what we are going to write.  Sometimes we want to finish a piece of writing from the day before, some times we want to write something new.  Sometimes we want to write a story, sometimes a list, and sometimes a letter to a friend.  We get to decide what we want to write but we need to remember the skills that Ms. Lirenman is teaching us too.  Once we have some think time we take some time to share our ideas with one another.  Once we have an idea and we have shared our ideas we find a good place to write.  Some of us like to write at our desks, some of us like to write at the round table. Some of us even write in the house centre.  Some of us write on computers, some of us write on laptops, some of us write on the iPad.  Some of us write on paper, some of us write on white boards, some of us write in notebooks.  We get to choose and we love having the choice.  Anyhow here is what some of us did in our free writing today.

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