Friday 20 January 2012

Vote for Our Class Blog Pet's Name

Division 16 is having a lot of trouble deciding what to call our class blog pet.  We took a vote and kept our top three names.  It is now up to you to help us decide what the name will be.  Please vote for one of the following pet names.  You can make your vote by adding a comment to this blog post. You may only vote once but each person in your family can have a vote.  Our three final names to chose from are:

1. Fluffy
2. Cutie
3. Cassy

We look forward to having a vote from you.  All votes must be in by 9:00 am Friday, January 27, 2012.


  1. I vote for Fluffy.

    Ms. Will

  2. Hi, Trista's mom here.... I vote for Cassy?
    It was hard to decide though. Any of those will make a great name for your blg pet.

  3. I vote for Cutie because I feel the winner should have a first, middle and last name So it would be Cutie Fluffy Cassy

  4. Our class blog pet is now officially called Fluffy. Thank you for your votes.


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