Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome Back!

Today we returned to school after our two week break. We were excited to be back to share our stories with one another.  But we weren't the only ones that came back to school.  Today Ms. Will was back with us too!  Ms. Lirenman tells us that she will be with us for two weeks!  We've never had Ms. Will in our classroom for any day other than a Tuesday so we are excited to show her all the other things we do during the rest of the week.  She taught us our math today too. We are learning about measurement.

Our new principal Mrs. MacFarlane also joined our school today.  We look forward to getting to know her and sharing our learning with her too.

Today we also found out that starting tomorrow we are getting a new student in our class.   The boys are super excited because our new student is a boy named Adrian.  He just arrived in Canada from the Philipines.   Several of us can speak his language too so we are going to do our best to help him feel comfortable.  After he registered at the office he peeked in our window and we waved hello. He looks friendly.   We are really excited to have him in our class.

During our special person group story writing we are setting goals for ourselves.  Today Huda was the special person and she would like to learn how to write longer stories.  She is going to ask older friends to help and she's going to add more details to her writing. We know that she can do it!  I wonder what the rest of the class will chose as their goal.

One last thing, did anyone notice the class blog pet on the right side of this screen? Ms. Lirenman think's our  blog pet needs a name, and perhaps some food or water.  Please feel free to feed it.


  1. Dear Ms. Lirenman and Division 16:

    Your blogs are very inspiring! My grade 3s are excited to start blogging as well. We look forward to sharing our ideas with you.
    ~Ms. Dosanjh

  2. Hi Ms. Lirenman,

    A new student, how exciting! Welcome Adrian!

    PS I fed and gave your pet water. He looks like a Fred :)

    Brookllyn's mom

  3. Hi Ms. Dosanjh, this term I hope to have my class do more commenting on other class blogs and student individual blogs. It's great to know that another school in our school district is trying to do the same thing too. We'll do our best to check in on your blogs as well.

    Mrs. H, I am so glad you fed our blog pet. We'll see what the rest of the class thinks of your name.

    Thank you both for the comments. We love comments.

    Ms. Lirenman, on behalf of Division 16