Monday, 23 January 2012


Today Ms. Lirenman introduced us to the Storybird website and to our individual Storybird accounts.  Our user names are easy for us to remember because they are just Div16 in front of our names with no spaces between the two.  For example Lawrence's Storybird user name is Div16Lawrence.  We can't tell you our passwords though because they are private but we can easily remember them too.

Once we logged in we looked at the different art work available to us.  You see Storybird is a program that allows you to write stories using other peoples art work.  When you're done you can publish your stories so other kids in the class, or around the world if you chose, can read the stories.  You can also co-write stories with friends but we aren't quite ready for that yet.

Anyhow once we were logged in we worked either on our own or with a friend.  We began to create our own Storybirds.   As you'll see by the pictures below we were all pretty excited and engaged to be using Storybird for the first time.

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