Monday 16 January 2012


Today was the first school day  in 2012 with SNOW!  It was also the first week that the grade four and seven students at our school are doing their tests from the government so the gym was booked up.  Since we couldn't have our gym in the gym Ms. Lirenman and Ms. Benjamin decided to take us outside instead.  Did you know it takes a lot of energy to play in the snow?

Here is a little video of our adventures in the snow.  You'll notice we didn't make any big snowmen because the snow was too soft.  We did manage to make a village of little snowmen though.  Now we are all wondering if we'll get more snow for tomorrow, and if Ms. Lirenman and Ms. Benjamin will take us out again.

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  1. Dear Division 16,
    We liked your video titled SNOW! We had a blast in the snow yesterday, too!
    Division 21


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