Thursday, 5 January 2012

Word Wall Word Practice

In first term when it was time for us to practice our Word Wall Words Ms. Lirenman had each group practice in a different way.  Over the term we practiced our words with plasticine, magnetic letters, letter tiles, letter stickers, letter stamps, letter beads, and pipe cleaners.  Sometimes we played the oops game and other times we did rainbow writing, pyramid writing, sentence fun, word searches, and rhyming words.  Each group would do one of those activities but Ms. Lirenman would tell us which activity to do.  Today however Ms. Lirenman changed things up. Instead of telling us what to do she let us chose what we wanted to do from any of the choices we had learned last term.  She also added word work apps on the class iPad and her iPod.  Here's what some of us decided to do.


  1. Congratulations Grade One's. You all look so busy learning your words. You have so many interesting ways in which to learn them. I really like the magnetic letters. I'm going to get myself some. Being responsible for your learning by choosing your own activities is something all teachers like their children to be able to do. Mrs. Lirenman must be very proud of you because the photos show you being very engaged in your learning. Keep up the great work!
    From Mrs. Kolenberg at Craigburn P.S.

    1. Mrs. K we love getting to chose how we practice our word wall words. Eric likes to practice using the iPad. Brooklyn likes to practice her words on the iPod. Huda likes to practice her words by doing word searches. Ms. Lirenman is REALL proud of us. Thank you for your comment. Please visit us again.

  2. Hi Ms. Lirenman's class,
    How did you get that classroom pet? What is it's name? What type of animal is it? We guessed a guinea pig or a hamster. Are we right?
    Mrs. Morrison's Clas

  3. Dear Mrs. Morrison and Division 21, we think our class pet is a hamster but we are not really sure. Ms. Lirenman saw a pet on another blog and borrowed it from there. You can borrow our pet too. Our pet doesn't have a name yet but we have a few ideas we need to chose from. Stay tuned he will have a name soon. Thanks for visiting our blog. We love visitors.