Saturday, 6 October 2012

Where are you visiting from ?

Each day, while we are moderating our comments together, we like to check out our cluster map to see where our visitors have come from.  We love that people have come from as far away as Australia, and as close as down the road.  If you're visiting right now, and haven't taken the time to say hello either with a written comment or a voice comment, we'd love to hear from you too.

Ms. Lirenman is planning to map out where our visitor have come from and we'd love to have you on our map too.  So what are you waiting for? Please say hello!


  1. I am visiting from Chemainus on Vancouver Island.

    Ms Sandi

  2. Aloha Division 18!

    I'm so glad you are learning about different places in the world seeing where your visitors are from. I love traveling and I love looking at maps! I met your teacher when we were both on a trip in Costa Rica. I used to live in New York but now I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaii is the most isolated island chain in the world! There are 8 main islands. I live on the Big Island -- it is big enough to fit all the others inside it with some room to spare. We have the most active volcano in the world on on our island -- it is called Kilauea. We also have the tallest mountain in the world -- if you measure from its underwater base -- it is called Mauna Kea. And the largest mountain by mass -- Mauna Loa -- is also here! We have beautiful rainforests with waterfalls and beaches with white sand, black sand, and even a beach with green sand! It is still feeling like summertime here! I am a teacher and I have 4 year old children in my class. We just had a week off from school for fall break and return to school on Monday!


    Nanci Guartofierro

  3. Hello wonderful first graders! I am visiting from Hilliard, Ohio, USA...I was checking out my first grade daughter's blog page (at Darby Creek Elementary) and saw the link. Thought I would see what you were learning in your classroom! Have a great year!!

  4. hello Ms.Lirenman's class. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving blog. I am a grade 3 french immersion student in Ladner, BC. I just moved here from Halifax, NS.

    J'espere que vous avez une bonne semaine.

  5. Wow, thank you everyone for visiting our class blog and telling us where you are from. We love visitors, especially ones that leave us comments.