Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Blogging Has Begun!

Ms. Lirenman is really excited that we have finally started to blog on our own - yes that's right our individual blogs are up and running.  In addition to the tab at the top of this screen you can also find them here.

Some of the things that Ms. Lirenman is most excited about are that ...

  • We wrote and published blogs at school.
  • We wrote and published blogs from home.
  • We left comments on our friends blogs.
  • Teachers from other parts of the world visited our blogs and left us comments.
  • Some of our family members left comments for us on our blogs.

What a very exciting Wednesday.

Here are a few photos Ms. Lirenman took of us blogging in the computer lab at school today.


  1. Aleks says "good job!"

    Ethan thinks your class is doing very well.

    Mariam appreciates you sharing your blog.

    Diljot thinks you are all doing a good job of writing.

  2. Thank you Aleks, Ethan, Mariam, and Diljot for your comment. We like blogging. From Sukhleen

  3. From Ms. Alvarez Kindergartens:¨ You have lots of computers! You're so lucky! I think you are having lots of fun writing!