Tuesday 9 October 2012

Flat Wilbur's Adventures

Tomorrow all of our Flat Wilbur photo adventures are due back at school but today we had several return.  Ms. Lirenman thought it would be great if we could explain our photos to our friends in Manhattan so she had us record our voices on a website called croak.it.  Then her helper took the link that was given and created a QR code to the link at this free  QR code generator website.  Next Ms. L printed and added the QR codes to our photos.  Can you scan our QR codes and hear about our adventures?

Unfortunately for us we don't get to keep these photos and QR codes because we are sending them to our new friends in Manhattan. But maybe  you can scan these QR codes from your computer screen and you can hear us speak about them?

We're curious to know if they work from a photo.


  1. Love it Karen. Did the students take and bring in their own photos? Sounds like fun!

    1. We took our Wilbur's home with us for the long weekend. We are sending our photos and QR codes to NYC.


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