Friday 5 October 2012

More Voice Messages for Us!

This week we received a couple of voice messages.  The first arrived a couple of days ago from Mrs. Fisher's Class in Manitoba but Speak Pipe was acting a bit strange. Ms. L waited a few days to see if it the quality of the message would improve but it didn't. But since the message was still an important one she decided to share it any way.  Ms. Lirenman has since been in contact with Mrs. Fisher.

Then today, we received another voice message from Mrs. Tomassetti's class.  This one is very clear and easy to understand.

What's cool is that both classes have come to visit us because of our participation in the Global Read Aloud.  If Ms. Lirenman can make it work we will skype with both classes before this special project is over at the end of the month.

Being a globally connected classroom is a very cool way to learn.  Is your classroom globally connected?

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