Monday, 22 October 2012

The Great British Columbia Shake Out

This past Thursday many people around the province of British Columbia took part in the Great British Columbia Shake Out.  What does that mean? Many of us, including the students at Bonaccord Elementary took part in Earthquake Drills.  Do you know what to do in an earthquake? We do!

1. Move away from a window.
2. Find a table to go under (we used our desks).
3. Cover your head and get real small.
4. If you're able hold on to the leg of the table so it doesn't move away.
5. Wait for the shaking to stop.
6. Count to sixty to make sure the shaking has really stopped.
7. Get outside to safety.

But why do we need to know this?  We live in a place that has the potential to have an earthquake.  We haven't had one for many  many many years but people fear in the next 150 years we will have an earthquake and it could be a big one. So we practice what to do in an earthquake. Do you ever practice?

Here are a few pictures of us.  Ms. Lirenman took a couple while she was under her table, but then after she got up and moved around and took some more so you could see what all of us looked like. We were doing our very best to keep ourselves safe.  We hope you do the same if you ever find yourself in an earthquake.

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