Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Book Sorting - Day One

Ms. Lirenman has a lot of books in her class and we love them all.  A lot of her books are organized by our favourite authors like Moe Willems, Eric Carle, Todd Parr, and David Shannon.  But she also has a bunch of baskets that are just organized by authors' last names.  There are so many books organized that way that we don't even know what we have in our classroom library.  So today Ms. Lirenman decided it was time we sorted our classroom books into categories that made sense to us.  We quickly listed off topics that made sense to us and started sorting our books.  Unfortunately we didn't get finished today but we did have a great start.  We are also really happy to be a part of this important book sorting process.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll get finished, or at the very least we'll be able to start double checking our sorting process.  We have a lot of books to sort.

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