Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Free Reading

Everyday after we have read to self we have what Ms. Lirenman calls "free read". During this time we can listen to books or read books with our friends.  In fact it is called "free read" because we can read what ever we'd like to as long as we read or listen to reading.  Today Ms. Lirenman gave us the option to "free read" with iPads.  Here are some photos of us reading some of our favourite iPad stories.  We're curious to know if you can  tell what our favourite iPad book is.


  1. What a neat way to practice your reading. What stories do you read on the I-pads?

  2. I like the funny stories such as a Monster at the End of This Book. From Hannah

  3. We think what you are doing is awesome. We think one of your stories was about Grover from Seasme Street. We wish we could read with iPads! Cool Division 18!

    1. We are very lucky to be able to read with iPads. Very, very, very lucky.