Friday, 26 October 2012

Vancouver Theatre Sports

Yesterday morning we had a wonderful presentation in the gym. Vancouver Theatre Sports came to visit.  They had us laughing all morning as they made up silly skits, took suggestions from the audience, and even had some of our school mates up on stage.  Here are a few photos of their show.

In this photo they are making up a story and would freeze in the middle of it to ask the audience for suggestions. It was very funny.

Here one of the teachers from our school was the hands for one of the actors. He did all types of silly things with is hands and the actor had to play along with it.  It was also very funny.

Here one of the students in our school told the actors a story about when his tooth was chipped.  Then they tried to act it out as he told it.  But every time they got a part of the story wrong the student would squeeze a horn and they would have to fix the error.  This story was REALLY funny and the boy whose story was retold did a very good job with the horn.

Needless to say everyone in our school (even the big grade sevens) were laughing the entire time.  It was time well spent.

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