Thursday 4 October 2012

Our First Google Hang Out!

Today certainly was a day of many firsts. First community read, first classroom volunteer, and first google hang out.  As part of the Global Read Aloud of Charlotte's Web Ms. Lirenman decided to organize a google hang out with three other classes - two in Surrey and one across the country in Ontario.  Just after our recess ( and the lunch time in Ontario) Ms. Lirenman invited Mrs. Sarchet, Mrs. Leech, and Mrs. Wideen's classes to join us on google hang out.

Google hang out works a lot like Skype except you can talk to more than one class at a time.  Since all four classes are reading the same book for the Global Read Aloud Ms. Lirenman thought, why not read a chapter at the same time.  Ms. Sarchet was kind enough to read for all four classes.  How cool is that!

Although the chapter was probably the longest we've heard so far Mrs. Sarchet did an excellent job keeping us interested.  She even remembered to show us the pictures.  Hopefully we can do it again next week.

Curious what it looked like? Here are some pictures from our first ever google hang out.  Mrs. Sarchet, Mrs. Leech, or Mrs. Wideen please feel free to borrow any of these pictures if you'd like to add them to your blog too.

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  1. We loved participating in the google hangout. We were so excited to see other students on the big screen and to listen to another teacher reading to us. Thank you for inviting us.


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