Thursday, 11 October 2012

The New Document Camera

Recently Ms. Lirenman received a document camera for her classroom.  It was a new toy for her, one she had seen in action only once before when she visited a school last May.  So far we've used it when Ms. Lirenman shares a story with us. She puts it under the document camera so we can all follow along as she reads.  It's way better than just seeing the tiny words and the pictures.  We see everything screen sized.

We've used it to learn our new poems too since  we can go right up to the poem and find special words and everyone can see what we are finding.

Lately we've been using it to share our writing too.  Here are a few pictures of us doing just that.

We are curious... if you have a document camera how do you use it?


  1. I LOVE my document camera! We use it like you to share our writing and our work. It's so great to put up student work under the document camera and have others see the work nice and big! I also use it for our planner message. I put our planner under the document camera and have the class copy the message. We also use it for Math - putting manipulatives under the document camera makes them bigger and easier for everyone to see. I've also seen other teachers use it for Science and put things under to "blow up" the object so everyone can get a better view.
    Have fun with your Document Camera Ms. Lirenman! If you have more great ideas on how you use it, please share! :)
    Mrs. van Rees

  2. Thanks Mrs. van Rees you have so many great ideas to share with me. I have seen it be used for science - looking at details, and I can see how demonstrating something with it would make it easier for everyone to see. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas.

    Ms. Lirenman on behalf of Division 18