Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bonaccord Spirit Day - Dress in School Colours

Today we had our first spirit day as we wrapped up three days of reviewing the Bonaccord Stars motto.  In case you don't know Bonaccord Shoots for the S.T.A.R.S!  The first S stands for Safety, the T stands for Teamwork, the A stands for Academics, the R stands for Respect, and the final S stands for Success.

For the spirit day we were encourage to wear our school colours - yellow and blue.  If you look at our photo you'll see we definitely have school spirit!

We also had an assembly to celebrate respect and success.  For the success part some of the teachers, including Ms. Lirenman, got up in front of the entire school and sang Bonaccord's version of Carley Ray Jepson's song Call Me, Maybe.  There is a video of the song which Ms. Lirenman will share here once she has confirmation that it is okay to put up for the world to see.  In the meantime here's a picture of some of the teachers singing.

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